How It Works

Beef Natural How It Works

How it Works

Beef Natural supplies farm fresh beef direct to its clients. All cattle are bred and finished to deliver premium lean beef. Our cattle are handled in a low stress manner.

To ensure clients get fresh, healthy beef and we have no surplus beef, the following steps take place:

  1. Beef Natural How it WorksClient orders beef in pre-set portions via the web site, email or phone.
  2. Client receives order confirmation via email or text message
  3. Beef gets processed & health checked by professional, licensed butcher (1 to 2 weeks later)
  4. Clients get notified of beef pickup date a few days prior to event.
  5. Home deliveries are completed. Remaining client’s receive orders on-farm or at pre-arranged pickup points.
  6. Clients pack beef into meal sized portions and freeze as required (steaks are already trayed).


Further Information

  • Orders for Albany and Bunbury are shipped via Meeres Freightlines.
  • A number or our clients share their orders with family neighbours or friends to deal with the bulk quantities.
  • Beef delivery/pickup is usually on Thursday afternoon 2 to 5pm. If times do not suit alternative arrangements can be made.

Beef Natural How it WorksBeef Natural has good levels of beef supply and is a growing family business. As more orders flow in we will move to a weekly beef supply.


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