Beef Natural FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Q – How is Beef natural different than what I can purchase off the shelf?
A – Our products have much less fat than you can normally buy off the shelf. They are also HGP and antibiotic free and made from locally grown beef. Our burgers and sausages are all gluten free.

Q – Do I need to cook your mince & sausages differently than normal?
A – Yes you may need to put a slight sprinkling of olive oil or other oil on frying surface to stop the burgers & sausages from sticking to your BBQ plate or frying pan. Little or no fat will come out of our products. No need to pierce sausages to release surplus fat and they taste best if not over cooked.

Beef Natural FAQsQ – Why are orders not ready for delivery or pickup immediately?
A – We deliver our beef fresh. We need to ensure we have enough orders to process a whole animal. All beef products are allocated to clients prior to us commencing this process. That way you get fresh beef and we throw nothing away.

Q – How do I handle my mince after pickup?
A – Keep product cold and repack mince in meal size portions by weighing and rolling into balls, then place these into freezer bags, close bag and flatten for better stacking into freezer. Restack these packages after 12 to 24 hours to ensure they do not stick to each other.

Q – How do I handle my sausages after pickup?
A – Keep product cold and repack the products in meal size portions then place these into freezer bags and seal bags.

Q – Why are Beef Natural products so lean?
A – We use only beef animals which are bred for beef and display low levels of fat. Some breeds of cattle are naturally lean and we only supply mince and sausages from these breeds. Also we have a much higher beef content in our sausages and believe fat can better be thrown away than hidden in beef products. After all good health is a priority!

Beef Natural FAQs HeiferQ – Does Beef Natural care about animal welfare?
A – We care passionately about the welfare of our animals and ensure they are well fed and watered and handling in a stress free manner. No electric prodders are used on our farms and the cattle yards are designed for ease of animal movement and no bruising. This way our beef will be at its best!